Militarization of America’s Police Force

Oct 7, 2013

Last week, The Dallas Observer ran a story about the recent purchase of a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAPS) vehicle by [...]

OP-ED: America’s Income Gap Problem

Sep 30, 2013

Perhaps one of the reasons for the large income gap is that the United States government, in its attempt to alleviate the suffering of the working poor through social programs such as welfare or food stamps has undermined the system. Instead of forcing corporations [...]

Man Blamed for Inciting Benghazi Released

Sep 25, 2013

Nakoula was blamed for inciting violence in September 2012, including the attack on the compound in Benghazi. At the time this was attributed [...]

Cop Takes Repeal NY Safe Act Sign Down

Sep 24, 2013

According to a user on a police officer has taken his Repeal NY Safe Act sign down. We still do not know if this is a rouge cop gone wild, something that was passed down from the department, or just a case of enforcing local ordinances. In the pictures below an officer is shown [...]

Islamic Rebels Hiding as Fighting Subsides

Sep 19, 2013

UPDATE: Philipines – It is estimated that approximately 40 rebels are still in hiding, after 15 fighters surrendered Thursday. Interior Secretary Mar Roxas assures [...]

Philippine Rebels Take Hostages

Sep 12, 2013

As the second day of the crisis began, 300 gunmen have taken over 200 hostages in the six villages where [...]

Middle East Relations in Turmoil

Sep 10, 2013

In recent weeks, there have been a number of international players that have made moves within the conflicted region [...]

U.S. Pushing for Strike on Syria

Sep 9, 2013

Despite opposition to his plan, Obama has already deployed warships to take up position in the Eastern Mediterranean off the coast [...]

FDA: Protecting Americans or Big Pharma?

Sep 6, 2013

Dr. David Graham, an FDA Food Safety official, painted a much different picture. “The FDA is inherently biased in favor [...]

Saudi Arabia and U.S. Implicated in Syria Conflict

Sep 5, 2013

The U.S. has been helping to train the opposition since 2011 while the Saudi’s have provided military aid in the form [...]

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